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Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman

Page history last edited by Tony Barr 7 years, 4 months ago

Celtic Talisman grabbed my attention from the first opening of the tin (25g vacuum packed, not the nasty sneezebox as shown in the picture - never buy those, however pretty the artwork!). Aromatic is just the right word. While I don't get on so well with the pipe tobacco version of Celtic Talisman, the snuff is very nice indeed. The scent of ripe cherries and vanilla hits you before you get a pinch anywhere near your nose, and once the pinch is taken the depth of flavour is most apparent, not mention long lasting. 


The base tobacco looks very similar to the one used for the SP No. 1 High Mill. Mid-brown, it is light and fluffy, of medium grind and moisture and has a satisfactory level of nicotine. 


For day to day use I generally favour the plainer sorts of snuff, leaving the more scented sorts for evening use, but I am finding I can thoroughly enjoy this one all the time. I rarely give five stars to a scented snuff but in this case they are well deserved.

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