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Gawith Hoggarth English Rose

Page history last edited by Tony Barr 14 years ago

Of late I have been investigating as many of the rose scented snuffs I can lay my hands on, mainly because I have tended to neglect them in the past. It has been an interesting journey as rose scented snuffs come in many different styles, dry to moist and fine to coarse. Gawith Hoggarth's English Rose is one of the moister, coarser ones though the grind is nearer medium than coarse. The colour is a rich, medium-dark brown (though not as dark as Snuff Store's excellent Attar of Roses) and the scent is perfect. I do find this easier on the nose than some Gawith Hoggarth snuffs and I suspect even this one would prove tricky if allowed to dry out. Fortunately the snuff is tasty enough that it is unlikely to last long enough to dry out on me!

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