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Toque Quit

Page history last edited by Tony Barr 11 years, 1 month ago

Quit is mid to light brown in colour and relatively dry, though not overly so, making it easy to take. The grind is fine, though not as fine as the Toque toasts, but there is enough moisture in there to avoid any "back of the throat" issues. The aroma is of good, solid tobacco with a pleasant smokiness coupled with light citrus notes. In the nose that smokiness is less pronounced and the full flavour of the excellent tobacco base comes through. I think this one is possibly best categorised as an SP, but what an SP! Now the nicotine.... Oh yes! This is a powerful one! The equal of any toast or scotch I have tried and yet I find myself coming back for more and more. This is a 5-star snuff which I hope never to be without! Hats off to Roderick again!

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