Toque Natural Toast

Now I am seriously impressed with Toque's new Natural Toast. It is truly excellent in every respect. It is very pale brown, almost khaki in colour, very finely ground and quite dry, so not for the inexperienced (unless the inexperienced are looking to gain experience in a hurry!). In flavour is is half way between a plain Irish High Dry Toast (like Samuel Gawith's Irish D Original) and a plain American scotch snuff (like Standard from US Smokeless or Tops Mild from Swisher), having, as it does, a faint suggestion of smokiness, though it is far smoother than any scotch. The comparison with American scotch snuffs does not mean to say that Natural Toast is in any way harsh. On the contrary there is a buttery smoothness to it, which contributes towards it being such a delight for the nose. My 25g tin is disappearing at an astonishing rate so I can see I will be buying bulk bags of this superb snuff in the future.