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The Floods in Hull

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The Floods in Hull, 25th June 2007


Pictures of places near our house. Most of the places in these pictures have never known flooding before.

Final statistics

Over 15,000 homes affected in Hull.

2,500 homes flooded in the East Riding.

32 schools seriously damaged by flooding in Hull and the East Riding.

500 commercial premises damaged.

1 life lost.


The A63 near Hull. This is the main road into the city from the west.

Another shot of the A63.

Newland Avenue, Hull, Close by the old ERM workshop.


1079 - the Beverley Bypass.

The Northern Cemetery, Chanterlands Avenue, Hull.

The other end of Chanterlands Avenue, at the junction with Murrayfield Road. The water under the railway bridge was 12 feet deep.

An optimistic surfer on Chanterlands Avenue.

On the Avenues.

Ella Street.

Victoria Avenue.

Westbourne Avenue.

Chanterlands Avenue looking north from the junction of Park Avenue.

Another shot of the Chanterlands Avenue/Murrayfield Road junction.

De Grey Street, by the Nags Head pub (out of picture to the left).

Goddard Avenue from the Newland Avenue end.

The water somewhat higher in Goddard Avenue.

Grafton Street.

Lambert Street.

Lambert Street.

The corner of Newland Avenue and Lambert Street.

Newland Avenue outside the Lloyds TSB bank - the Nags Head is on the left.

Newland Avenue again. The Post Office where all the ERM parcels are sent from is on the far left of the picture.

Newland Avenue near the Sharp Street junction.

Newland Avenue again.

The Newland Avenue railway bridge, after the worst was over.

Pearson Park. Note the "Ducks Crossing" signpost!


Newland Avenue Post Office on the corner of Goddard Avenue.

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