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Spanish Jewel

Page history last edited by Tony Barr 12 years, 6 months ago

This is a snuff on its own rather than a company, a snuff created by master snuff maker Mr. Lluis Vinyets Salabert in Spain and only ever available in limited quantities and even then, never on general sale anywhere as far as I can tell.


Judging by the strength this snuff seems to be made predominantly (if not completely) from N. Rustica rather than N. Tabacum though the flavourings mask the distinctive Rustica scent to some extent. The tobacco has clearly been fermented in a distinctive way, giving rise to an initial and powerful cheesy scent, highly reminiscent of rancid socks long abandoned by the average teen-aged boy. Surprisingly this is not a bad thing at all. Think ripe Camembert cheese. That works for me. The grind is fine but slightly uneven and the medium moisture level makes for relatively easy snuffing. Once in the nose, along with a fairly powerful burn, there is a sweetness which would seem to be derived from honey as well as a hint of brandy. The overall effect is remarkable, delicious, possibly unique and quite long lasting. It will be a real pity if no more of this masterpiece of the snuff maker's art will ever be available.


My thanks to Poo-Diddy on the Snuff House forum, where Spanish Jewel was first named, for my chance to finally try this elusive and excellent snuff.


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