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Snuff Reviews

Page history last edited by Tony Barr 9 years, 10 months ago

This page used to contain a list of snuffs that Snuff Head and I have tried, along with ratings and comments. My reviews are to be found on this site, one page per snuff, linked from the Snuff Stash page and can also be found on the new Snuff Reviews site. 


Snuff sampling in the bar of the St Johns Hotel, Hull, September 2008. Left - Snuff Head, Right - ERMTony 


My best silver snuff box. Hallmarked Birmingham, 1838 and made by Edward Smith. It's about 75mm long and weighs 83g.


Left: The original F&T snuffs I acquired on Ebay. These are the small sample tubes. Right: A simple papier mache snuff box.


With snuff box in hand at my daughter's wedding reception, Porthtowan, Cornwall, May 2008. Half of my brother-in-law Brian is visible on the right. He still prefers his pipe!

Snuff making the traditional way at the old Bernard snuff factory in Regensburg. The old factory is now a museum and its replacement is at Sinzing, close by.

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