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Page history last edited by Tony Barr 13 years ago


Rossbach : 5. November 1757


Seven Years War Scenario for the HWS DBA Extension


Map - any good map of the battlefield should do [map should be 54" by 30"].

Numbers in brackets = number of recoils allowed BEFORE units dissolves.


Prussian Order of Battle 

(breakpoint 4 units lost)


C-in-C Fredrick(d10 command)

Infantry (between Schortall and Janus Hill)

1x Musket (5);2x Musket (4);3x Musket (3); Artillery (1); 1x Cannon (3)

Cavalry (h) 

2x Knights (3); 2x Cavalry (2); 1x Musket (2)


French Order of Battle 

(break point - 8 units lost)


C-in-C Hildburghausen (d10)

Reich Infantry (in column, heading south west, between Lundstadt and Reichartswerben)

2x Knights (3);1x Cavlary (2); 1x Jagers (2)

French Army (in column, heading south west, between Pettstudt and Tagerwerben)

3x Knights (2); 7x Muskets (2);6x Muskets (3); 2x Cannon (2)

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