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Page history last edited by Tony Barr 13 years ago


Quebec : 13. September 1759


Seven Years War Scenario for the HWS DBA Extension


Map - Plains of Abraham - flat, empty board, 24" by 24".


British Order of Battle

(breakpoint = 5 units lost)


C-in-C Wolfe(d6 command)

1x Musket (4);3x Musket (3); 7x Musket (2); 2x Musket (1);1x Jäger (1);  1x Artillery (0)


French Order of Battle

(breakpoint = 3 units lost)


C-in-C Montcalm (d6 command)

2x Musket (3);3x Musket (2);3x Jäger (2)




...Montcalm had waited for reinforcements ?


On a roll of "6" the following reinforcements enter the table BEHIND the British lines


Commander Bougainville (d2 command; breakpoint = 2 units lost)

1x Musket (3);3x Jäger (2)


On a second roll of "6" the following reinforcements enter table behind French lines 

Commander Vaudreuil (d2 command; breakpoint = 2 units lost)

3x Jagers (2); 1x Artillery (0)

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