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Pöschl Gawith Apricot

Page history last edited by Tony Barr 7 years ago

I know this snuff has been pretty well covered by other reviewers on other sites but I might as well add my two penn'orth...


This is often described as a beginner's snuff and I would have no argument with that as it doesn't present the sort of challenges to the snuff taker that most other styles of snuff do. It was my dad's first snuff at the age of 82 and he likes it. I still find it enjoyable too. The menthol isn't over-done (and I'm no big menthol fan - menthol snuffs rarely get more than three stars from me) and the apricot flavour is at about the right level so the sweetness isn't cloying. Very refreshing for occasional use. The container is pretty neat too, and it's reusable - always a bonus.

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