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My Snuff Stash

Page history last edited by Tony Barr 10 years, 11 months ago

I have tried so many different snuffs that I really need to keep track of what I have, what I've had, what I've run out of and what I intend to reorder. In the past I have used an Excel spreadsheet to keep tabs on things but I am increasingly finding the need to have that information online, so that when organising snuff swaps with fellow snuff takers around the world I don't have to re-type the information. I have included all the snuffs I have ever tried though some are now long since out of production. 


Snuffs I hope to keep on hand and which will be reordered as needed are in bold.

Snuffs I no longer have on hand are in italics.

Snuffs which are no longer in production have a strike through.

Ratings are between 1 and 5 snuff boxes (5 is best) and will change as my tastes change.


Click on the snuff name in the first column on each page for my reviews, comments and notes. All are very welcome to add their own reviews as comments on those pages. My comments also appear on the Snuff Reviews web site.


The open snuff box in the last column indicates that I enough on hand available for swapping with other snuffers. Contact me if you want to swap!


The information is divided up by current manufacturer or owner of the brand. This means that some brands don't have their own entries.


I am now gradually updating the entries based on the ideas presented on the Snuff Types page.


Pictures of snuffs from Snuff Store (UK), Toque Snuff Ltd. Bernard Schnupftabak GmbH and Pöschl Tabak are used with permission and gratitude.


Snuff boxes from the Drechselshop 

Ebony and Elm Root

 Ebony and PepperwoodBocote Wood

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