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My Pipes

Page history last edited by Tony Barr 11 years, 10 months ago

Possibly my favourite pipe, a Peterson Deluxe 3s alongside 250g of Samuel Gawith's Full Virginia Plug.



A simple list of my better pipes, along with photographs where I have them. Yes, they are mostly Petersons!


Peterson Pipes


Peterson 999. Made in England. "Chubby". x

Peterson Antique Series 1910 Bulldog. Hallmarked 1998. x

Peterson Charles Peterson Anniversary Pipe x

Peterson Darwin Deluxe. x

Peterson Donegal Rocky 408 Silver Banded

Peterson Dublin Millennium "Dublin" Smooth.

Peterson Dunmore 338

Peterson Dunmore 71

Peterson Galway 145. Hallmarked 'C' for 1970.

Peterson Galway 606s.

Peterson Irishmade Army 87. P-lip.

Peterson Irishmade Army 999

Peterson Irish Whiskey 221

Peterson K Briar 903. Small bulldog.

Peterson Kapmeer 106s - "Made in England"

Peterson Kapruf 106

Peterson Kapruf 170 - vintage sandblasted bulldog

Peterson Kildare 150

Peterson Kildare 407

Peterson Kildare Silver Mounted 268

Peterson Kildare Silver Mounted 80s. Hallmarked 2003.

Peterson Kildare Silver Mounted 999. Hallmarked 2004.

Peterson Kinsale XL15 Rustic (based on Sherlock Holmes "Squire").

Peterson Mark Twain. Hallmarked 1984.

Peterson Mark Twain Boxed Set. Classic MT (308 shape) and Poker.

Peterson Meerschaum Rustic. 1980s or earlier.

Peterson Meerschaum Smooth. Silver mounted. 314 shape. Hallmarked E for 1990.

Peterson Patent 181B Short - With ambroid stem and hallmarked for Dublin, 1908.

Peterson Patent 21½s - Hallmarked for 1905.

Peterson Patent System Pipe 1890-1990 Oompaul Smooth.

Peterson Rock of Cashel 03, silver army mount, sandblasted.

Peterson Royal Irish 68. Hallmarked for 2001.

Peterson Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker, Smooth. Hallmarked for 2004.

Peterson Sherlock Holmes Squire, Rustic

Peterson Silver Mounted Army 86

Peterson Silver Mounted Army 999

Peterson Silver Spigot 69 Sandblast. RIP Jimmy.

Peterson Sports. 

Peterson System 3 358, Rustic. Made in Ireland, circle format. 1938-1949.

Peterson System 3 358 Smooth. Pre-Republic. No CoM marking.

Peterson System 3 362 c. 1940 (Pre-Republic).

Peterson System Deluxe 12½s Smooth. Hallmarked 2005.

Peterson System Deluxe 1s Black Sandblast. Hallmarked 1979.

Peterson System Deluxe 1s Smooth. Hallmarked 2007.

Peterson System Deluxe 11s Smooth. No hallmark.

Peterson System Deluxe 20s Rustic. No markings/hallmarks on the band. No "Deluxe" stamp on the bowl. Brass condenser, so not so recent.

Peterson System Deluxe 20s Sandblast. Hallmarked 1979. Surprisingly small - about the size of a modern 12½s.

Peterson System Deluxe 20s Smooth. Hallmarked 1978.

Peterson System Deluxe 3s Smooth. Hallmarked 2009.

Peterson System Deluxe 8s Smooth. Hallmarked 1978.

Peterson System Deluxe 8s Smooth. Hallmarked 1987.

Peterson System Patent 2 10A - Hallmarked 1909. 

Peterson System Premier 302 Smooth. Hallmarked E for 1990.

Peterson System Premier 303 Smooth. Bought new in 2011.

Peterson System Premier 313 Sandblast - Hallmarked 1974 (though the mark is hard to read)

Peterson System Premier 313 Smooth - Hallmarked 1956 (my birth year pipe).

Peterson System Premier 314 Rustic - Lacks a hallmark but the style suggests it dates from the 1960s.

Peterson System (Premier) 314 Smooth - Made in England, block format so possibly early., No hallmark.

Peterson System Standard 301 Sandblast. New but probably old stock.

Peterson System Standard 301 Smooth.

Peterson System Standard 302 Smooth (Early Republic).

Peterson System Standard 303 Ebony.

Peterson System Standard 303 Red.

Peterson System Standard 303 Rustic.

Peterson System Standard 303 Sandblast.

Peterson System Standard 303 Smooth.

Peterson System Standard 304 Smooth

Peterson System Standard 305 Smooth.

Peterson System Standard 305 XXL Smooth. New/old stock from Bond's.

Peterson System Standard 307 Smooth. Made in Eire, circle format (1938-1949).

Peterson System Standard 31 Smooth. Made in Eire, circle format (1938-1949).

Peterson System Standard 312 Smooth (Early Republic).

Peterson System Standard 313 Rustic (Early Republic).

Peterson System Standard 313Sandblast (Early Republic).

Peterson System Standard 313 Smooth (Early Republic). This was my very first Peterson pipe, bought in the late 70s.

Peterson System Standard 314 "Gold Block".

Peterson System Standard 314 Red.

Peterson System Standard 314 Rustic.

Peterson System Standard 314 Smooth. Made in Eire, circle format (1938-1949)

Peterson System Standard 314 Smooth. Bought new.

Peterson System Standard 314 Smooth. Inherited from my dad.

Peterson System Standard 317 Sandblast (Pre-Republic).

Peterson System Standard 317 Rustic.

Peterson System Standard 317 Smooth.

Peterson System Star 309 - Hallmark looks like the T for 1984.

Peterson Walnut Silver Spigot 408

Various Peterson seconds, Alcos, Falcons and a few odds and ends complete the collection.


About the Peterson Pipes

The ones marked Early Republic date between 1949 and 1963, dated by the faux hallmarks on the nickel band, only used until 1963. The one marked Pre-Republic will have been made between 1923 and 1949. The style suggest c. 1940. The rest are more recent, purchased over the last 30 or so years. The System Star pipes are/were equivalent to the System Premier and also have the silver band and have a wine red stain. They were made between c. 1970 and 1985. Mine was bought bought new (old stock) in 2010.

The latest Peterson to be added to the collection - hallmarked for Dublin, 1908.


Other Pipes


Astoria Deluxe.

Ben Wade Brogue 14. Pre-1985. Probably made by Charatan.

Bewlay Popular 014

Bewlay Sandblast Bent Billiard. My second ever pipe, bought 1972. Shank cracked in 1975, repaired with an 'Alpaca Silber' band (in Stuttgart). 

Byford London Made 24. Originally an Orlik brand.

Dr Plumb Quintex Smooth Apple Bent c. 1980. Crack in the band but it still smokes well. Nearing burn out…  

Duncan 30 272. Straight pot. 1970s.

Duncan Charter 3, Curved. 1980s. Army mount.

Hardcastle London Made 61. Meerschaum lined sandblast.

Parker Jockey Club 345. Bulldog.

Reject - a great smoking bulldog

Stanwell De Luxe Brown Polished 32. Bulldog.

Stanwell Zebrano


About the Duncan Pipes

Duncan was an early 20th century carver. Brand founded in 1899 by John Louis Duncan and sold to Peter Wilson in the 1990's by John Duncan, a grandson of the founder.


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