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Molens Stichting de Kralingse Pepermunt

Page history last edited by Tony Barr 7 years, 2 months ago

While I'm not a big fan of mint flavoured snuffs any more than I am of menthol snuffs (and I am known for loathing spearmint), this one is really good. I'm sure that's due to the "Latakia" tobacco base, the one sold unscented as AO 1860, a snuff I love.


It is coarse, dark and moist and very easy to take in quantity. The peppermint flavouring is good without being overpowering and as the peppermint retreats in the nose the smoky tobacco takes over. It feels lighter and fluffier than the coarse peppermint snuffs from Samuel Gawith (Peppermint Dark or Wild Duck for instance) and as such I find it makes for a good all day snuff.


I find one weakness with the de Kralingse snuffs is the flip top containers. New, they are sealed with tape and seem to keep the snuff fresh enough, but once opened they seem to dry out quickly. Bulk purchases are to be preferred. 


A delight for the nose.

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