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HOTT Modern

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HOTT for Modern Armour


An adaptation of HOTT to Modern rules while retaining the simplicity and spirit of the original rules.


By Bruce McFarlane of the Canadian Wargamers Group.


Troop Types


Main Battle Tank - Top of the line; recent generation AFVs, equipped with the most recent electronics and weaponry.Most often used by major powers; M1A1s, Challengers,Cheiftains, Leapard IIs, T-86s and T-82s.
Secondary Battle Tanks - Front line AFVs from the 1960’s and 70’s. Often used as the Main Battle Tank of medium powers; M-60s, T-72s, T-62s and Leapard Is.
Obsolete Battle Tanks - 1st-post WWII generation AFVs.Little or no electronic targeting, stablizing,etc. Still often used by minor powers Super-Shermans, Pattons, Centurions, and T-55s.
Armoured Personnel Carrier -All manner of armoured vehicles primarily used for the transport of infantry; M2s, M113s, BMPs, BTRs, and BMDs.
APC / ATGM -Armoured vehicles used in an anti-tank role rather than for transport.Armed with anti-tank Missles; M-901s, BRDM/ATGM.
Recon -All manner of vehicles which utilize stealth and speed to seek out and identify enemy positions, rather than meet and defeat the enemy; M3s, Luchs, and BRDM-2.
Infantry - Most assault-rifle armed foot soldiers currently used by modern armies.
Engineers - Troops especially trained and equipped for battlefield construction and demolition.
Truck -All manner of soft-skinned, wheeled vehicles, used to transport men and materiel.
Towed Artillery -Long-range , unarmoured cannon towed into battle by Vehicles; 105Hs and 130mm M-46. Counts as "Foot".
Self-Propelled Artillery - Long-range, cannon mounted on its own chassis and armoured.May fire on the opponent’s turn, even if it has moved in the previous turn; M-109, M-110s, MRLSs, SAU-122s, SAU-152s, and BM-21s. Counts as "Foot".
Towed SAM -All Surface-to-Air Anti-Aircraft weapons including FLAK, Multi-barreled cannon and guided missiles, in prepared positions or towed into battle by vehicles.Costs 2 PIPS to fire (unless using optional “artillery” rule); Hawks, Patriots, and ZU-23s.Counts as "Foot".
Self-Propelled SAM -All Surface-to-Air Anti-Aircraft weapons including FLAK, Multi-barreled cannon and guided missiles, mounted on its own chassis and usually armoured. Costs 2 PIPS to fire (unless using optional  “artillery” rule); Chaparelles, Roland, M-163s, Gepards, SA-4s,SA-6s, SA-9s, SA-11s, and ZSU-23s.Counts as "Foot".
B-52 Bomber - All high-level aircraft used to bombard large areas, indiscriminately; B-52s, B-29 Superfortress, and Tu-95 Bears.
Fighter Bomber -All aircraft that use precision point attacks to destroy specific enemy units and positions.Typically, these are one or two engine jet-fighter planes; F-86s, F-4s, F-15s, F-16s, F-18s, Mirages, and all sorts of MiGs.
Attack Helicopters -all vehicle-lift aircraft - both fixed wing and rotary-blade- who’s primary role is ground-support or anti-tank fire; Cobra, Apache and Hind helicopters, as well as, Harrier jump-jet and other VTOL aircraft. 
Transport Helicopters - all vehicle-lift aircraft - both fixed wing and rotary-blade - who’s primary role is either the transportation of men and material or to be used as a gun platform or ground-support fire; Various and sundry Hueys, Chinooks, Sea Kings, Sikorsky and Hinds.
Special Forces - Infantry, especially trained and equipped for covert actions and infiltration against the enemy; Commando, Ranger, Green Beret, and Spetsnaz troops.
Mines - All passive anti-personnel and anti-vehicle ground weapons.These are deployed, secretly before the game and take up an area of 6” by 2”. Friendly troops may pass through these mine fields without suffering harm or revealing the field’s existence.





Unit HOTT Equivalent Move Vs. Range AP
Good Bad Road Foot Vehicle Air
HQ General 10" 10" 10" +1* +1* +1* - Free

*HQs add 1 to the die roll when the element it is attached to is in combat. HQs can move 10" and attach to another element in its command for a cost of 1 PIP.

If the element an HQ is attached to is destroyed roll a d6 for the effect on the HQ:

1,2,3 = no effect HQ moves to closest element in its command.

4,5 = HQ disrupted remove from table for d6 turns, after which it returns to any element in its command. All actions take 2 PIPS in HQ's absence.

6=HQ destroyed remove from table permanently. All actions take 2 PIPS in HQ's absence.

Since the Regiments, Brigades, Divisions of the various nationalities vary so much in size we cannot use a d6 as the command roll for all of them. Instead we use a d2 (head=1; tails =2), d4, d6, d8, d10 or d12, depending on the size of the formation, (excluding transport elements - trucks, APCs, helicopters, etc.) as listed:

formations of 1-6 elements use a d2;

formations of 7-10 elements use a d4;

formations of 11- 14 elements use a d6;

formations of 15-18 elements use a d8;

formations of over 18 elements use a d10.

In addition we can now rate the commanders; Poor commanders use a die one level lower than called for [i.e. a d6 becomes a d4]; average commanders use the die, as listed; superior commanders use a die one level greater than called for [i.e. a d10 becomes a d12].


Movement and Factors



HOTT Equivalent Move Vs. Range AP
Good Bad Road Foot Vehicle Air
Main Battle Tank Paladin 5" 2" 5" +6 +6 +4 6" 4
Secondary Battle Tank Hero 5" 2" 5" +5 +5 +3 5" 4
Obsolete Tank Knight 3" 2" 4" +3 +4 +2 4" 2
Armoured Personnel Carrier Rider 5" 2" 5" +3 +3 D3 0" 2
APC/ATGM Shooter 5" 2" 5" +3 +6 D3 8" 4
Recon Beasts 4" 4" 5" +3 +4 D4 4" 2
Infantry  Warbands 2" 2" 4" +3 +3 D3 2" 2
Engineers Blades 2" 2" 4" +5 +3 +2 0" 2
Truck Lurker 4" 2" 6" D1 D1 D2 0" 1
Towed Artillery Artillery 0" 0" 0" +4 +3 +2 10"/20" 2
SP Artillery Artillery 3" 2" 4" +4 +4 +2 10"/20" 4
Towed SAM Magician 0" 0" 0" D2 D2 +4 24" 2
SP SAM  Magician 3" 2" 4" D2 D2 +4 24" 4
B-52 Bomber God 24" 24" 24" +6 +6 +6 0" 4
Fighter Bomber Dragon 24" 24" 24" +2 +6 +6 6" 4
Attack Helicopter Air Boat 10" 10" 10" +5 +3 +3 6" 3
Transport Helicopter Air Boat 10" 10" 10" +3 D2 +2 4" 2
Special Forces Sneakers 3" 3" 4" +4 +3 D4 2" 3
Mines Lurkers 6"     +2 +2 n/a 0" 1


Armoured Personnel Carriers may carry 1 Infantry
APC/ATGMs may not carry infantry
Engineers build or destroy bridge on roll of "6"
Trucks may carry 1 infantry or engineer or artillery
Transport Helicopters may carry 1 infantry or towed artillery
D1, D2, D3 = can only be used in defence; attacker cannot be hurt


Tactical Factors

+1 If the element is with a general and in Close Combat or shot at
+1 If in close combat and either up hill or defending a riverbank
+2 Target being shot at in cover
+2 Infantry in close combat, with Engineers in rear support
+2 Infantry with tank in rear support, in Close Combat against target in open
-1 For each flank overlapped, and/or each enemy element in contact with flank or rear, or for each 2nd and 3rd element aiding in shooting

Combat Outcome



Quick Killed By

Quick Kills On

Main Battle Tank Destroyed when in contact; Otherwise recoil  MBT, SBT SAM, ATGM., Art., Recon, Fight.bomb, Truck destroyed; Special Force flee table
Secondary Battle Tank  MBT, SBT in contact, Artillery; Otherwise recoil MBT, SBT SAM, ATGM., Art., Recon, Fight.bomb, Truck destroyed ; Special Force flee 6”
Obsolete Tank ATGM, Artillery, SAM., they have just contacted, or in Bad Going;  Otherwisw recoil MTB, APC, ATGM, Fight.bomber, Artillery, Infantry, Engineers, Trucks destroyed; Special force flee 6”
APC Destroyed in Bad Going; Otherwise recoil MTB, ATGM, Recon., Artillery destroyed; Special Forces flee 6”
ATGM Destroyed by mounted in contact; Otherwise recoil MBT, SBT, OT. SAM, Artillery, Trucks destroyed; Special Forces flee 6”
Recon Destroyed in Bad Going; Otherwise recoil MBT, ATGM, Artillery, Trucks destroyed; Special Force flee 6”
Infantry Destroyed by OT in Good Going;  Otherwise recoil MBT, Artillery, Fighterbomber, Engineers, Trucks destroyed; Special Force flee 6”
Engineers Destroyed by Infantry, OT; Otherwise recoil MBT, Artillery, Trucks destroyed; Special Force flee 6”
Artillery Destroyed by any unit in contact; Otherwise recoil MBT, Artillery, Trucks destroyed; Special Force flee 6”
SAM Destroyed by MTB, STB, Fighterbomber, B-52; Otherwise recoil MBT, Artillery, Trucks destroyed; Special Force flees 6”
B-52 Destroyed by MBT, SBT; Otherwise recoil       MBT, Artillery, Trucks destroyed; Special Force flees 6”
Fighter Bomber Destroyed by MBT, SBT; Flee table from all others MBT, Artillery, Fight.Bomb, Trucks destroyed; Special Force flees 6”
Attack Helicopter Flee 6” from SAM    MBT, Artillery, Fight.bomb, Trucks destroyed; Special Force flees 6”
Transport Helicopter Flee 6” from SAM MBT, Artillery, Fight.bomb., Trucks destroyed; Special Force flees 6”
Special Force Flee 6” from all units HQs, Special Forces Destroyed; All others ignore results
Mines Flee off battlefield from all units MTB, SBT, OT, Trucks Destroyed; Special Forces flee 6”


Optional Rule

(Highly Recommended)



Limited Recoils

Each element is only allowed a limited number of recoils. Once that limit is reached the element is removed from the table.

Conscript = 2 recoils;

Regulars = 3 recoils;

Veteran = 4 recoils;

Elite are removed upon their 5th recoil.



Points Values

For points values multiply the base AP value by the number of recoils allowed (i.e. Elite Infantry would be 2 elements x 5 recoils = 10)




Warsaw Pact

  • Guard Airbourne Reg't -- HQ + 2xInfantry + 2xAPC or 2x Trans Helicopter = (8AP)
  • Airbourne Regiment-- HQ + 2xInfantry + 2x Trans.Helicopter = (8AP)
  • SAM Brigade -- HQ + 4xtowed SAM + 4xtrucks = (12AP)
  • Artillery Division-- HQ + 3x towed Artillery + 1x SP.SAM + 3xtrucks = (13AP)
  • Guard Tank Division --HQ + 1x Attack Helc.+ 1xAPC/ATGM + 1xEngineer + 2x SP. Art. + 2x SP.SAM + 2xInfantry + 2xAPC + 1xtruck + 4x MBT (or SBT or OT) + 1xRecon =52AP (or 52AP or 44SP)
  • Motorized Rifle Division -- HQ + 1xAttack Helc. + 1xAPC/ATGM + 1x Engineer + 2xSP.Art. + 2xSP.SAM + 5xInfantry + 5xAPC +1 trucks  + 2x MBT (or SBT or OT) + 1x Recon = 56AP (or 56APor 52AP)
  • Tank Division--HQ + 1xHind + 1xAPC/ATGM + 1xEngineer  + 2xSP.Art + 2xSP.SAM + 2xInfantry+ 2x APC   +1x trucks + 5x MBT (or SBT or OT) + 1 Recon  = 52AP (or 52AP or 42AP)


NATO Organization

  • US Armored Cavalry Reg't -- HQ + 1x SP.Art + 2xAttack Helc. + 1xMBT or SBT + 2x Infantry + 2x APCor2x Trans.Helc. = 22AP
  • US Artillery Group-- HQ + 2xSP.Art. + 1x towed SAM + 1x truck =11AP 
  • US Air Defence Group -- HQ + 6x towed SAM + 6x trucks = 18AP
  • US Armored Division -- HQ + 1xRecon + 1x Engineers + 1xAttack Helc. +1x APC/ATGM + 1xSP.SAM + 2xSP.Art.  + 3xMBT or SBT or OT + 3xInfantry + 3xAPC  + 1 truck  = 50AP (or 50AP or 44AP)
  • US Mechanized Infantry Division --HQ + 1xRecon + 1xAttack Helc. + 1x ASPC/ATGM + 2x Sp.Art. + 1xSp.SAM + 3xInfantry + 3x APC + 3xMBT or STB or OT =45 AP (or 45 AP or 39 AP)
  • West German Airbourne Brigade -- HQ + towed. Art+ 2 x Infantry  + 3x Trans.Helicopter= (12 AP) 
  • West German Jäger Division -- HQ + 2x SP.Art + 1x SP.SAM +1 Recon + 3xMBT or SBT or OT + 2xInfantry +2x APC = 42 AP (or 42 AP or 36 AP)
  • West German Panzer Division -- HQ + 1x SP.Art + 1x SP.SAM + 1x Recon  + 3xMBT or SBT or OT + 2xInfantry  + 2x APC  = 38 AP (or 38AP or 32 AP)



  • Armored DivisionHQ + 7x SBT or OT + 3x Infantry + 3x APC +1x BDRM/ATGM + 3x towed artillery +1x towed SAM + 4x truck = 56 AP (or 42 AP)
  • Infantry Division HQ + 9x Infantry+ 2x OT+ 2x towed Art. + 11 trucks = 37 AP
  • Mechanized DivisionsHQ + 6x Infantry + 6x APC + 3x OT + 3x towed Art. + 1xtowedSAM + 4 trucks = 42 AP



  • Infantry Division - HQ + 3 Infantry + 2 Infantry + 2 APC + 5x OT + 3x SP.Art.+ 1xtowedSAM + 4 trucks + 1x BDRM/ATGM = 54 AP


Jordanian 1967 & 1973

  • Infantry Brigade- HQ + 3x Infantry + 1x towed Art. + 4x truck = 12 AP Armored Brigade - HQ + 2x 0T + 1x Infantry +1x APC  + 1x towed Art. + 1 truck = 15 AP



  • Parachute Brigade- HQ + 3x Infantry = 6 AP
  • Mechanized Brigade - HQ + 2x Infantry+ 1x SBT or OT +1x SP.Art  + 2x trucks  = 14 AP (or 12 AP)
  • Armored Brigade- HQ + 2x SBT or OT + 1 Infantry + 1x truck  + 1 SP.Art  = 13 AP (or 9 AP)
  • Armored Division  - HQ + 6x SBT + 1x Recon + 3x SP.Art = 38 AP

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