Tony Barr's Hobby Notebook


Being the ramblings of an obsessive snuffer, pipe smoker and wargamer....


Note: It seems things are going to be changing with host company for this wiki so over the next few weeks I will be migrating a lot of the content to my Pipe and Snuff Place blog.


This site is partly about my wargaming hobby, as opposed to my wargaming business. It covers details of the wargames clubs I go to, the games I play, the rules I use, the terrain I build and the miniatures I paint. Hopefully there will be something of interest here to other wargamers.


It also covers my enthusiasm for snuff and pipe smoking.


Various other odds and ends will probably find their way here too. There is enough space here for pretty much everything I might want to put on a web site.


Feel free to explore and comment!  Good Gaming and Snuffing!