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Blitzkrieg Commander

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Blitzkrieg Commander


Another popular set of wargames rules at the North Hull Wargames Club. This set is derived from Warmaster.


A shot from a recent game, US vs Germans in Italy. Germans in the foreground, defending. Most of the Shermans subsequently fell victime to a Tiger and a Nashorn.



We used to play BKC with 15mm figures rather than the 10mm recommended in the rules. This didn't detract from the game at all. We used the basing convention given in the rule book, except for the vehicles which need rather larger bases to fit the models.


However, I decided to make the change to 10mm for a couple of reasons.... it's cheaper and so much easier for storage! Besides, painting 10mm figures and vehicles is so much faster than painting 15mm. On top of all this, the increasing amount of terrain I have for 10mm games (thanks to WM and WMA) means that it will be rather more convenient to be dealing with terrain in one scale rather than two.


I am going with basing slightly different from that suggested in the rule book:


Type                      Size (mm)

Infantry                  30x25

Infantry Support          25x30

Small Transport           25x30

Large Transport           20x40 or 25x40+

AT, FLAK and Artillery    30x40+

Armour                    30x40+

HQs, FAO, FAC             30x30 (or larger)

CO                        40x40 (or larger)


The bases I use are all (not surprisingly) from ERM - yes, I make them myself!


I seem to be putting together a number of armies at the same time - Americans (Tunisia/Sicily/Italy), Germans (Tunisia/Sicily/Italy and 1941 Eastern Front), Russians (1941 Eastern Front) and British((Tunisia/Sicily/Italy).


I'm keen to try the game at the squad/section level. That is, one stand equals one vehicle, gun or squad/section. To give a little more flavour at that level I've been assembling notes for BKC House Rules on that.


See the Blitzkrieg Commander site for more info on the rules.


A modern version, Cold War Commander, is now available and looks very good.


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