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A superb set of rules Sci-Fi skirmish rules from Two Hour Wargames.


At the North Hull Wargames Club several of us are currently involved in 5150 Campaign set in the Traveller universe. See also my Traveller Links.


This campaign is a background within which players may play games and progress their groups. Players’ groups are may be adventurers, gangs, police, free companies, corporate lackeys, or a variety of other types of civilian. The rules used for this campaign are 5150 from THW. Modifications and expansions to those rules are detailed in the Campaign Background. The campaign uses the Spinward Marches map from Traveller for movement between worlds. Current events in the campaign are taking place in District 268, a subsector of Spinward Marches sector, more specifically on the planet Flexos.


The basic concept behind the campaign is one of co-operative storytelling. Each scenario played adds another story to the campaign and they can all be linked to tell a history of the campaign worlds. All players are encouraged to develop scenarios and story lines.


Campaign Background - the full document.


The Cast


Four adventuring groups are involved so far:


Tony : Steptoe and Son Salvage Services

Ruarigh : Alpha Recovery and Salvage Expeditions

Phil : Phil's Tarts

Mick : (name not known - a bunch of Grath/Orks)


The Local Police (more of a local militia) on Flexos have also put in an appearance.


The Scenarios


So far five games have been played, two involving Ruarigh and Tony, one with Ruarigh and Phil and two including all four players.


5150 Scenario 1 5150 Scenario 2 5150 Scenario 3 5150 Scenario 4 5150 Scenario 5


The League

Since league tables are in vogue, we are proud to present the North Hull 5150 League for your pleasure and delectation. See who has won the most games, who has lost the most and whose company is worth the most.


Tourist Information

Information about the worlds on which this campaign takes place can be found in the local Tourist Information office.


Additional Rules

Flying junk-buckets and asteroid mining are part and parcel of the Traveller universe. Try our Belt Mining rules here.


Every Free Company needs a ship and a means of supporting themselves. Try our Interstellar Trading rules for another means of earning the moolah to buy the guns and grenades that you need.


For those that play Traveller, I have tried to find the nearest equivalents to Traveller Weapons in 5150.

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